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A taste of the caribbean

Caribbean Pumpkin have a smooth and sweet flavour paired with deep orange and dense flesh – a few of the reasons why these pumpkins have become so popular at our farm! Its the perfect pumpkin for soups, cubing, and our favourite served as a traditional pumpkin choka.

pumpkin farm ontario
Caribbean Pumpkin packed and graded to size in cardboard bins

Also called Jamaican Pumpkin

Jamaican pumpkins are available from September until mid-January. When we harvest, we allow the fruit to cure in the field on top of plastic mulch. This helps to harden the skin and improves the quality and shelf life of the pumpkin. 

Caribbean pumpkin displayed at our market
Caribbean Pumpkin displayed at our market

The Process

Transplants growing in a greenhouse
Starting the plants early in the greenhouse

The Start

Work begins in early spring inside our greenhouse to get a head start on the growing season. Each seed is planted by hand into a growing tray and grown in our greenhouse for approximately one month until it is ready to be transplanted into our field.

Transplanting onto plastic mulch
Transplanting into black plastic mulch

Transplanting Pumpkin

We plant into black plastic mulch which helps the plant grow by increasing soil temperature, reducing weed pressure, and conserving soil moisture. Underneath each bed of plastic hides a drip irrigation tube that irrigates our crop.

Pumpkins curing on plastic
Wind-rowed pumpkins curing on top of plastic mulch


Jamaican pumpkin are usually ready to be harvested around the first week of September. We harvest each pumpkin by hand to ensure only the best make it to our market


Not to be confused with varieties that are meant for decoration like Fairy Tale, Musque De Provence, or Calabaza squash. Our variety is authentically Caribbean.

Caribbean Pumpkin displayed at our market

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