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Ontario Melons

Is there anything better than biting into a juicy, sweet and delicious watermelon or cantaloupe on a hot summer day? Our answer, no way! We don’t believe we’re the only ones who feel this way, and this is why we take the greatest care when growing our melons. They may look durable, however melons can be quite fragile and take a delicate hand to get just right.

ontario farm watermelon and cantaloupe

How We grow melons in Ontario

Have you ever wondered what a melon farm looks like? Yes, we thought so! So, we made this video to show you our melon farm, and how we grow and harvest them to ensure you get only the best. 

watermelon and cantaloupe planting
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The Process

how to grow melons

The Start

Work begins in the early spring for our cantaloupe and watermelon crop. Each seed is planted by hand into a growing tray and grown in our greenhouse for approximately one month until it is ready to be transplanted into our field.

melons honey bee hives

Transplanting melons

We plant both cantaloupe and watermelon onto black plastic mulch which helps the plant grow by increasing soil temperature, reducing weed pressure, and conserving soil moisture. Honey bee hives are placed throughout the field in order to ensure each cantaloupe or watermelon flower gets pollinated.

ripe melons


Cantaloupe and watermelon are usually ready to be harvested around the last week of July until early September. We harvest each melon by hand to ensure each melon is treated with the tender care it deserves. Along with this, harvesting each melon by hand ensures only the best melons make it to our market! 

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